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Storage care prolongs the life of your garment

Storage care prolongs the life of your garment

Storage care of clothes may seem a futile effort, but the results are clearly visible in their daily appearance. Daily maintenance keeps your clothes impeccable and comfortable.

More than a matter of skill, it is a matter of being aware of the need to develop a routine for the care of the garments including the airing, brushing, ironing, cleaning and stain removal. It is incalculable the number of people who neglect their clothes and consequently don´t know the damage they cause to fabrics.

In the closets, wardrobes, cabinets or deposits it is recommended: Avoidance of excessive grouping of clothes, overloading racks and hooks (up to 2 pants per hook); removal of garments that have not been used for more than a year; ventilation of clothes each semester and usage of plastic covers for suits.

Use tubular plastic, or wooden and/or padded hangers to keep the shape of garments. Wire hangers can bend, warp, and rust, causing tears and leaving marks on the shoulders.

Before hanging up the clothes, remove items from pockets and close all openings (buttons, snaps, zippers and clips), in order to prevent wrinkles and help the garment to keep its shape.